Dairy King And Motel And Rental Hall in Fort Loramie, OH offers a wide-variety of menu items that include ice cream, pizzas and subs.Dairy King And Motel And Rental HallDexKnows Website Solutions

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Welcome to Dairy King & Motel & Rental Hall

Being Sweet to You is Our Business


At locally owned Dairy King & Motel & Rental Hall in Loramie, OH, there's something for everyone. Whether you're vacationing with family, looking for a fix for your sweet tooth, or you need a space for your next party, we have you covered.


Dairy King & Motel & Rental Hall Offers the Following Amenities:


Motel room servicesDairy King:

  • Fast Food
  • Ice Cream
  • Pizza



  • 10 rooms
  • 3 rooms have 2 full size beds
  • 6 rooms have 1 queen size bed
  • 1 Special third floor penthouse has 1 queen size bed


Hall Rental:

  • Accommodates 60 to 80 People
  • Game Room


Our History


In 1950 Carl Borchers founded the Dairy King & Motel in downtown Ft. Loramie, OH in front of his home. He later expanded the business by building a motel and apartment attached to the business. Martha Holscher purchased the Dairy King & Motel in 1999. She has since expanded the establishment to include a drive-up window, a hall rental facility, and 6 additional motel rooms for a total of 10 rooms.


See what our over 50 years in the hospitality industry can do for you on your next visit!


"I've been staying at the Dairy King Motel for several years. I call ahead and my reservation is always there. The rooms are clean and very comfortable. They have cable TV, microwave and fridge. This is a very good value motel. Spring through fall is really special as the Dairy King Carry Out is open. This place has a killer menu. I have tried many items on the menu and have had no disappointments. It is hard to resist the pizza. It is awesome. Overall it is a great value and you won't be disappointed."
By Ken Meyer on January 11, 2011


Call today for more information, because being sweet to you is our business!

Dairy King & Motel & Rental Hall
33 N Main St
Fort Loramie, OH 45845

Phone: (937) 295-2673
Fax: (937) 295-2673